My Life So Far – 8 – 8 – 8

By Edith Beale the Bouvier

Edith and JeffWhen you live in San Francisco, everyone wants to come and visit. Now this strapping lad belongs to Ol’ Mum’s sister so I guess that makes him my cousin. He (his name is Jeff) likes the Giants so we took him down to the ballpark for a picture. Then he wanted to check on tickets, but I was bored and wanted to leave. Wanna guess who won? Heh. Heh. Heh.Jeff and Edith -- guess who won

Later on, strapping lad’s (see above) younger brother, Cliff, showed up. So it’s back to the ballpark for another photo op. Get this, he brings his girlfriend and he only has arms for her. Cliff and friendSo I get parked in the car like yesterday’s dog biscuit. But they were fun and took me for walks. Jeff and Cliff and his friend can come back any time they want.

Speaking of the car, did I tell you how much fun it is to go for a ride in the car. We’ve been all over since I arrived from Las Vegas. Some of the time I get left in the car while my two companions go off to do something. They open a hole in the top of the car so I get plenty of fresh air. So what did I do, I figured how to climb out of the hole. When they call me the Devil Dog, they’re not woofin’.

The devil dog Jail break!

On my best behaviorGetaway attempts aside, I’m usually on my best behavior, as I was when I went for a walk with one of Ol’ What’s-his-name’s work colleagues who brought her new daughter, Julienne. I showed them my favorite walk on the back road around Mountain Lake.

Ol' What's-his-name's work colleague

Meet some more of my friends and get ready for a big event as my life continues on the next page.


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