My Life So Far – 3 – 3 – 3

By Edith Beale the Bouvier

Great, you’re still with me. I’ve been a pup on the go. Out and about. Barking ‘n larking!My friend, Robbie.

This is my friend, Robbie. He is a handsome Schnauzer. Robbie comes to the park with Dorothy. I especially like Dorothy because she brings treats. I told you I like treats, right? Ol’ What’s-his-name says I’m a Belgian snack hound. He thinks he’s a wit. I’ll grant him half that.

Buddy's always good for a dash! I try to get to the dog run at Mountain Lake Park for a good run every morning and afternoon. That’s where I met Buddy. He’s one speedy dude. He likes to wrestle, too. I’m always up for a roll in the dirt. When I first met Buddy, he must’ve been twice my size. I’m gaining on him. Pretty soon I’ll be bigger. I hope he’ll still like me.

Puppy pals at the dog run. There’s usually a crowd of dogs at the dog run. This was taken one sunny Sunday afternoon. I think it was Feb. 24. I don’t know what that big red ball is, but if you’ll toss it, I’ll chase it.

Whaddya mean I stole your ball?I’m mad for a good romp with a tennis ball. The only thing better is a romp with some other dog’s tennis ball. I astounded everyone one afternoon when I ran away from the dog run and reappeared pushing a basketball. The kid whose ball I swiped was chasing me back into the dog run.

At home, sometimes in the evening I’ll sit at the top of the stairs and drop a tennis ball so that it bounces to the bottom of the stairs. Then I’ll run down the stairs, grab the ball, bring it back up and drop it down the stairs again. I’ll bet this drives the kids downstairs nuts. Heh. Heh. Heh.

We had a warm spell in March and with it came another new experience. I’ll tell you about that as my life continues on the next page.


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