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“Rad Dewey works for me as contract content manager covering two business units at PayPal. He tackles whatever project I give him with rigor and energy, producing clear, lively content, and matching PayPal’s style and voice guidelines. He is an amazingly quick study, has come up to speed on projects virtually immediately. He is a pleasure to have around the office, and has a good store of great stories, too.” — Janet Isadore-Barreca, Senior Manager, Global Content, PayPal (an eBay Company)

“Rad is one of the strongest and hardest working editors I know–and one of the most results-oriented. He did an amazing job radically increasing the number of people who came to Yahoo Personals because of the original content he assigned and edited and then pitched for placement on Yahoo’s front page–he was a master at making it all look easy, but his work drove a lot of eyeballs, page clicks, and revenue. Rad has great ideas and is a tremendous learner–he helped reformat the entire content area and refocus it with a fresher voice and feel. Rad is a great asset because of his skills and his work ethic. I would work with him again with pleasure.” — Susan Mernit, Senior Director, Product, Yahoo!

“Wonderful wonderful wonderful. I copied the (marketing email) subject line and first paragraph and sent them to my boss all by themselves as an excellent example of how to subtly do all the right things. Just great stuff.”
— Mark Doty, marketing manager, Ancestry.com

“Rad is one of the best writers I know…Rad used to produce the front door and much more each day – he more than me was the heart and soul of the company.” — Mary Furlong, founder, ThirdAge.com

“Rad is a real pro. I was impressed with the quality of his work and dedication to my project. In fact, I was so pleased that I happily paid a bonus for a job well done! Highest recommendation.”
— Daniel Goevert, proprietor, Heritage Coin Books

“Rad has made an outstanding contribution to ArtByNorva.com as he conceived and promoted his idea of my web page designs. This was a big project which required a great deal of thought, promotion, and detail work…(He) relates well with others and has the wisdom to “listen”…I highly recommend Robert Dewey as he was a valuable asset to this firm….” — Norva Mestayer, proprietor, ArtByNorva.com

Michael Dean, vice president, public relations of MediaRing Inc. (mediaring.com) says, “You are insightful and understand what is news and how to put it in a news worthy release” and “You were available and quick to respond upon any request I had.”

Kevin Plagman, principal of Communications West, San Francisco, praised my “immediate grasp of objectives and subject material and fast turnaround of tight, crisp copy that only a veteran can bring.”

“Dewey has been extremely responsive in adapting to our ever-changing needs through the years,” says Walt Amacker, marketing communications manager for Reynolds Metals Company’s consumer recycling business. “We have been very pleased with his professionalism. He goes the extra mile in keeping abreast of all external and internal influences which affect our business. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has marketing or communications needs.”


Rad Dewey

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